Holder.Finance: Setting a Timeline for April and May 2021

Holder.finance has achieved important milestones during March, such as revamping the dApp UI (app.holder.finance) and closing strong partnerships with TRY FINANCE and WORLD Token. Just a few days before April, we have compiled a timeline about coming ahead for the next weeks.

🔜Uni V3 Protocol

Uni v3 is boosting the decentralized exchange, vowing to implement a range of improvements in response to surging fees on the Ethereum blockchain. At Holder Finance, we analyze Uni v3 as it will bring technical changes to be applied to HolderLimit looking forward to improving our dApp services.

📱dApp Metadata Update on Ethereum Blockchain

Metadata implementation on the Ethereum blockchain is ongoing, and the exact deadline will be communicated in the next week as soon as we have studied the impact of Uni v3 (which brings a lot more work to adapt it)

🌉Ethereum <> BSC Bridge & PancakeSwap

We are developing a bridge to BSC in parallel, which means that in April, our HolderLimit protocol will be available on PancakeSwap.

🌯$HFI & $HFS Token Wrapper

We are designing a wrapper tool for HFi and HFS holders to bridge their tokens on BSC. Once done, we will launch our Farming Program on BSC — more info coming soon in upcoming posts. This wrapper will then be adapted and developed for our partners to wrap their current ERC20 token to BEP20 and vice versa.

🔜$HFi Private Sale rounds 3 & 4

The private sale round 3 is ready to start on Wednesday 31st of March at 13:00 UTC with 20 HFi available at 7,500 USDC on our website: holder.finance. The $HFi token address is available on Etherscan.

The 3rd round will run until it is sold out or ready with the Bridge on BSC. If this round isn’t sold out before the bridging, we will close it, take the remaining HFi in this round, and add them to the private sale's last round.

This last round will be running on BSC at 9,000 BUSD per HFi with 15 HFi available. This way, we provide a way for smaller holders to not suffer from gas fees in ETH and join our great community and holders.


The LGE of HFS is near to being sold out. Once it is sold out and our Bridge to BSC is ready, we will list HFS on PancakeSwap with HFS/BUSD LP. We will burn LP tokens, and the LP will be locked forever. The $HFS smart contract is on Etherscan. The team will disclose the smart contract publicly.

📈A bright future for Holders

Numerous updates and partnerships are to come. It is a great time to become a Holder, and boldly reach more milestones with our growing community. Finally, we have compiled a timeline that summarizes the key points that are to come in the next weeks for April and May — and beyond! 👇

Holder.finance — a timeline for April, May, and beyond.

$HFS LGE Round 3 is still open at https://holder.finance/lge

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