Holder Finance Partners with TRY.FINANCE

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Try Finance (https://try.finance/), a DeFi token that provides exceptional rewards while seamlessly incorporating transaction lotto pool rewards with automatic buybacks and anti dump mechanics. We explain the info about this partnership and what is coming next in this article.

Introducing TRY FINANCE

Here is a short video explaining what the TRY FINANCE is building and how the partnership will provide value to the Holder Finance ecosystem.


TRY.finance is a deflationary governance DEFI token that provides exceptional rewards to active users via Smart Contract protocols while seamlessly incorporating transactional lotto pool rewards with liquidity rebalancing features and anti dump mechanics.

TRY token is designed to be sustainable and maximize its value by being truly deflationary and encouraging users to be active by offering exceptional rewards.

Every reward TRY token never distributes detrimental to the overall supply so that $TRY growth is not slowed.

Our partnership with TRY FINANCE is planning to achieve:

  • More trading opportunities for $HFi, $HFS, and $TRY holders.
  • A wider ecosystem where users can place limit orders within the available pairs.
  • And, more exciting developments in the future!

More information on the next steps and the development of this partnership in upcoming posts.

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