Holder.Finance Community Update #1

We are glad to share the latest updates and the next steps that are coming for Holder.finance. Recently, we released the revamped UI for the trading dApp, available at app.holder.finance, but there is more exciting news. In this article, we summarize the achievements and goals for the project.

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✅Developments in Holder.Finance

Holder Limit Protocol version 1 — the plugin app for limit orders has been updated to improve the responsiveness and the feel & look of its UI. It’s available for any mainstream web3 browser, mobiles, and desktop devices. We will add the metadata features to save gas fees by introducing the off-chain mechanics in the workflows during the next weeks.

HFi is the store of value token in the ecosystem that Holder.finance is building. By staking and holding $HFi or $HFS and tokens from partners (World Token, DEXTools, Itchiro Games, etc.), the users can escalate their rewards up to 27% (more information on how it works in the Whitepaper).

HFS is the reward token in the ecosystem. By making trades and staking, users can mint $HFS that they receive in their wallets. The more you use the tools in the ecosystem, and the more you hold, the better rewards you can accumulate. $HFS Round 3 available only at holder.finance/lge.

🤵New Team Members

The Holder.Finance team is growing. To maintain high-quality standards in the products, services, and communities, we have onboarded more professionals with years of experience in their areas of expertise.

🎮Legit King, AKA legitkingzz, has been in the crypto space since early 2017. At Holder Finance, he manages the official HFI Discord. He has owned and operated several Discord servers and dedicates himself to keeping the server rooms clean and informative.

💻Stefano has worked as a Digital Circuits Lab and Computer Architecture lead tutor and as a Software Developer at Wolfram in Localization, Amazon integration, Front-end, and Emulator design projects.

#️⃣Jamie, AKA user_invalid, is an experienced developer and contract auditor, having over ten years of experience in the top investment banks and founding and running multiple businesses. Jamie has contributed his skills in development and strategy to several decentralized projects.

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The off-chain functionalities included in the metadata update have been revised on the testnet. The migration to the mainnet will occur in the next weeks as we make additional updates on the website in parallel. You can learn how this metadata update works by reading the Holder Limit documentation.

We will announce the release date for the migration to the mainnet in a few days. Stay tuned for the updates on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

In the ongoing effort to reach a wider audience, we have closed important strategic partnerships.

  • $WORLD token is developing the best frictionless yield protocols for instant rewards and staking in their upcoming NFTs marketplace. 📹See the video.
  • $TRY provides exceptional rewards while incorporating transaction lotto pool rewards with automatic buybacks and anti dump mechanics.
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📅April 2021 Milestones

During March, we have completed crucial goals that are essential for the project development. We have set the foundation for further work that is to come in the next weeks; focusing on next month, we aim to complete the following objectives:

1. Release of dApp with Metadata Functionalities on the Ethereum Mainnet
2. Farming pools program for HFi, HFS & Partners holders
3. OTC fully secured on-chain feature on HolderSwap
4. Upgrade of HolderLimit v3 with AAT implementation of SushiSwap plugin
5. Start the Marketing campaign when the $HFS listing is deployed

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Useful Links:

🌐Website: https://holder.finance/

💰$HFi Private Sale info: https://holder.finance/#privatesale

🌐$HFS Private Sale site: https://holder.finance/lge/

📖Whitepaper: https://holder.finance/assets/doc/white_paper.pdf

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