Holder.finance AMA at OverDose Gems

The Holder Finance team has been live at an AMA session today at OverDose Gems Telegram group. We have shared plenty of information about the project, what is happening now, and what comes next — at the same time that $HFI Round 3 opened to reach +45% sold-out progress in less than one hour! We highly appreciate your support! Here, we recap the highlights of this interview.

$HFI Round 3 is open only at https://holder.finance/

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📝AMA Recap

The AMA session took place at 14 h CEST on March, Wednesday 31st at https://t.me/overdose_gems_group.

Od: Hi guys! We are happy to have you here today

Crypto Cowboy: Hey there :) glad to be here as well with some of my teammates

Andrea: hello there, it’s nice to be here

César: Hello everyone, nice to be here today 🎉🙂

1. Before we even start talking about the project, can you tell us a bit about yourself?


Crypto Cowboy: I’m 37 years old man, almost 38 :) from France. I have been involved in crypto and blockchain since 2016 and managed an ICO back in 2018. I had the idea of HFi in September 2020 and started the project in October with Andrea, the lead developer of HFi.

My background is majorly in the aviation industry, with a wealth of experience in project and team management. I’m well-versed in the cryptosphere as I have been a community manager for few projects since 2017 and have developed my network in this wonderful industry since then.

2. Can you tell us about the team?


Crypto Cowboy: I’ll let my teammates answer to this, but I can introduce the last team members we onboarded two weeks ago to speed up the development of our project.

We have Legit King (@legitkingzz), who has been in the crypto space since early 2017. He later created our Discord server, and he is now managing it. He has owned and operated several Discord servers and dedicates himself to keeping the server rooms clean and informative.

Stefano (@StefanoSosa) has worked as a Digital Circuits Lab and Computer Architecture lead tutor and as a Software Developer at Wolfram in Localization, Amazon integration, Front-end, and Emulator design projects. He joined Holder Finance on the front-end part.

Jamie (@user_invalid) is an experienced developer and contract auditor, having over ten years of experience in the top investment banks and founding and running multiple businesses. Jamie has contributed his skills in development and strategy to several decentralized projects. He is assisting Andrea in speeding up the integration of Metadata for our HolderLimit protocol on Ethereum and preparing a smooth transition with BSC Blockchain Front and back-end development activities.

Andrea: Hello, I am the Lead Developer, I am 43 years old and I am from Italy. I started my career in the Telecommunication Industry, then in the pharmaceutical Industry as Chief Information Officer, since 2016 I am running a software and consultancy firm in Switzerland in the blockchain world. I am actually coding with my team all the smart contracts for this project. I will be glad to answer all the technical questions coming from you.

Hi everyone. I’m Andy, community manager for Holder Finance. My aim is to ensure that the chat stays clean and safe for all our users, as well as running competitions and keeping everyone up to date with all the exciting developments of the project. In my non-crypto life I’m a Certified Cyber Security Professional

Don_salal: Good day everyone, it’s a pleasure to be here!

I’m the Business Development Manager within HolderFinance. I have 15+ years of experience in the IT sector, mainly as Application Technology engineer/architect & Cloud solutions architect. Furthermore, I joined crypto in 2016, and I am a real enthusiast when it comes to how crypto technology operates and evolves.

Hello again, I am César, 32 yr. old. I work as the Marketing Manager (@Cesarlpb). I am a senior writer for startups with years of experience in blockchain projects. I have successfully overseen ICOs for tens of projects since 2017, experienced in managing PRs, marketing strategies, and media outlet diffusion. Lately, I have been involved with some promising DeFi startups looking to find their rightful place in the growing crypto market. My current focus is on Holder Finance growth in all directions, including partnerships and marketing strategies.

3. Did you have any previous projects?


Crypto Cowboy: I ran an ICO back in 2018 in the supply chain area. Unfortunately, this ICO failed during the funding process, and we didn’t succeed in raising enough funds to keep going with the project. At least it has been a lot beneficial for me as I learned my lessons hardly, and I can now avoid the same mistakes. I am convinced about our success with Holder Finance and all the team and our great community, which supports us since the very beginning.

4. Are you KYC’d?


Crypto Cowboy: We are all anons, so not KYC’ed yet, but we are not anons among us. Btw we aim to create a foundation as an incorporated company later. Hopefully, in 2021 but most likely in 2022, we already have some big plans to develop similar projects with this team. Anyway, some of those projects are requesting big amounts to raise and have to get a public “face” for the customers.

5. Did you have an audit?


Crypto Cowboy: Yes, we have two, actually :)

Those audits are available on the app.holder.finance in the docs section. We always want to release only audited upgrades/features to protect our users and community best. This is why we partnered since the beginning of this project with CTDsec, a professional security audit firm based in Spain and incorporated in 2017.

6. Tell us a little bit about Holder.Finance


Crypto Cowboy: HFi is a project initiated within the Ethereum network. It aims to become the best store of value tokens benefiting from the Ethereum network advanced technology and to be the first Holders centric project of the Cross-chain DeFi ecosystem. It rewards early adopters and Holders of HFi who stake this community-driven token. Indeed, the longer you stake HFi, the more you are rewarded by earning more HFi. The very limited total supply combined with the huge potential of the cross-chain ecosystem converges to develop the decentralized finance (DeFi) exposure.

The purpose of HFi is to become a digital store of value, like a digital gold combining the fast transaction speed a metadata structure of its main product “HolderSwap” to tackle the high gas cost fees on Ethereum thus, allows to anyone worldwide to be part of HFi project and build their future wealth.

HFi is initiated and developed with the community in mind and for the purpose of rewarding its members, proportional to their investment.

7. You have 2 tokens in the Holder Finance ecosystem. HFi and HFS. Can you tell us the difference between the 2 tokens and more about this “Dual-token Model” you mention in your Medium article?


Don_salal: The HFI’s ecosystem developed and deployed on the Ethereum (ERC20) blockchain uses what is called a ‘dual token’ system. There are two tokens; HFI & HFS

HFI Token

HFi is the primary token, and it has several uses. HFi’s main functions are to distribute the network, store and transfer value. So, in short, HFi can and will mostly be treated as a store of value, just as Gold & Bitcoin are treated nowadays.

Furthermore, HFi’s additional properties can be more described as the governing aspect of the ecosystem. This token can and is planned to be put to use in the ecosystem for handling governance activities for e.g. voting.

HFS Token

HFS is the concept of utility tokens: Not every token needs to be a stand-in for currency/value/money. Tokens can also be used in other ways. For example, Filecoin‘s tokens provide users with access to a decentralized cloud storage platform (in this respect some tokens work as coupons or tickets for x amount of a certain good or service). Being a currency is a utility, but in theory, not every utility has to revolve around trade and value.

HFS is the utility/currency token that is used in the ecosystem mainly for e.g., as a reward/medium of payment.

Currently, the additional properties of HFS are that of an elastic token, which means that the elasticity is based on its circulating supply together with continuously developing mechanisms to protect the token’s value as well as limiting the circulating supply expansion.

Our algorithm includes an increase of the minting difficulty to limit the circulating supply expansion and protect the token price. Indeed, to avoid the circulating supply inflating too fast, the minting difficulty will automatically increase according to price action. Has the price gone up 10% in the last 24H, then the algorithm will automatically adjust the minting difficulty with the 10% matching increment.

8. You said HFI would be used to Store Value. So why do we need a token to store value? Any generated token can do it. What’s your advantage?


Don_salal: There has been an ever-growing need for the store of value alternatives to fiat currencies, which are under constant threat of debasement. This is also sought by investors in order to manage and grow their wealth. The need for reliable stores of value is justified and a historical perspective of monetary policies suggests that this need will intensify. This way the HFI (store of value) token keeps the HolderFinance ecosystem healthy and stable. There is a clear distinction made between which token is the store of value and which one is the utility within the ecosystem. The scarcity of only 1000 HFI ever being in existence gives it a very high intrinsic value.

9. You said HFI would be put in use for governance. I always like governance. can you elaborate?


Crypto Cowboy: We already have an off-chain system of communication/governance with the VIP holders who bought HFi tokens as all the participants from our first round of private sale is part of a VIP group on TG. All HFi holders with +1 HFi could join this private group to know more about the future plans, participate in polls to decide about the long-term strategy, and more globally to give their feeling or suggestions about the current and future progress of the project.

That said, we are willing to develop an on-chain governance model but this is planned to be more in Q3 2021 as currently, we are focusing on building our products.

10. You have a nice idea to protect against fast inflation. please explain


Crypto Cowboy: You are talking about HFS here right? As HFi total supply is 1,000 HFi released over 10 years there is no way for big inflation, haha and btw our main token HFi was originally created for this purpose to enhance scarcity and value increasing over time.

For HFS we have not set a maximum supply yet as we want to provide possibilities for farming partnerships. That said the farming program which we will start in late April/early May won’t be launch at once but gradually. First farming pools will be simple HFi staking and bHFS/BUSD LP then we will introduce other ones by waves like in monthly rates, few new pools open.

11. You said Holder Finance would enable users to place gasless limit orders through your metadata plugin. Can you tell us more about that, please? That’s sounds very interesting, to say the least.


Andrea: The holder limit protocol will take advantage of Cryptographic signatures that are available in Ethereum. They are used to prove ownership of an address without exposing its private key. This is primarily used for signing transactions but can also be used to sign arbitrary messages. Instead of posting the trade limit request directly on-chain, the trade owner signs messages detailing their order using their private key. Trade owners then submit these signed orders to an off-chain order book — databases hosted by Holder Finance on centralized servers — for Trade Executors to browse and execute it when profitable. These off-chain orders are submitted off-chain instantly, without having to pay any gas.

The Trade Executor will execute the trade on behalf of the trade owner when market conditions are profitable for both actors

12. Have you tested it on the main network?


Andrea: No, I have tested the off-chain computation successfully on Ropsten using the same base code. We are working on the UI for the signing process off-chain and the centralized storage of these signed messages.

13. Do you have some Demo / MVP for the gasless limit orders?


Andrea: The demo was already performed 2 months ago in order to prove the process internally.

Let’s talk about the pre-sale:

14. The next round of the HFi private sale opens at 13:00UTC today, 31st March. What advantages will users who hold HFi receive, and how do users take part in the sale?


Crypto Cowboy: HFi private sale buyers receive several advantages:

- Bonus for the HFi Genesis mining started in Q2 2021,

- People who buy 1 HFi or more will be able to join our Discord or TG VIP group,

- 48H early access to pool their tokens in our Farming Program

- Be able to participate in the first farming pools (HFi simple staking)

- Rewards in HFS tokens proportionally to their shares in HFi when our minting protocol will be live (May 2021)

15. How many raising rounds you have?


Crypto Cowboy: We ran 2 rounds already with nearly 240K USD worth raised.

The third round is starting today at 1.00 PM UTC with a price per HFi of 7,500 USDC with 20 HFi available.

There will be the last round for HFi when our bridge protocol will be live. This last round will run on BSC with a 9,000 BUSD price per HFi and 15 HFi available. We will then list HFi on PancakeSwap or we can choose to list on Uniswap if the community votes this through a poll we will organize once the private sale is over.

16. Can investors still purchase HFS? What advantages do users get from holding HFS?


Don_salal: Currently, nobody can buy HFS as the LGE has been sold out two days ago.

We are developing our own bridge service solution and once done, we will list bHFS on PancakeSwap (BSC) within April.

The LP tokens will be burnt and LP will be locked forever (the project initial liquidity)

HFS is the utility/currency token that is used in the ecosystem mainly for e.g. as a reward/medium of payment.

Once the Farming program of HFS will be over we will launch LP pairing HFS with tokens of our partners. It will drive the interest in holding HFS to freely farm other tokens and get rewards through their liquidity pool shares..

Obviously, there is an interest to hold HFS in terms of profitability while our platform brings more users and investors into the token :)

17. You have an ever-growing list of partnerships. Civitas Protocol was announced today, Dextools, World, TRY Finance, Itchiro Games, CTDsec. What advantages will your partners get from the Holder Finance ecosystem?


Crypto Cowboy: They will have several advantages like a free listing on our platform, dedicated farming pools to stake their native token paired with HFi and farm HFS. They will also benefit from a 24H premium access in LP on Holderswap.

Through our All-in-one LaunchPad, they will have discounted prices in LGE or Presale in the incubated projects’ events.

18. You are building a token wrapper for your native tokens to bridge to BSC. Can you tell us more about that?


Andrea: Wrappers or bridges are becoming very famous and needed these days due to the higher fee on Ethereum.

Our wrapper will operate initially with Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain and later we are going to support Fantom Opera.

The gateways on each blockchain are responsible to wrap and unwrap tokens that are sent to them.

A centralized engine will be responsible for mint/burn tokens on the respective destination/originator blockchain.

19. What are your marketing plans?


César: Currently, we are assessing all venues to promote Holder Finance to a wider audience. We have used Telegram campaigns and we count on the aid of influencers on Twitter. Since we are more active on YouTube now, we want to make our channel grow.

Moreover, we are considering using crypto-specialized ads like Brave and other services to spread the word on our product. We are also working on long-term strategic partnerships, we have already partnered with DEXTools, CTDSEC, WORLD Token, TRY Finance, and Civitas Protocol. Our community is growing by the day. Next month is definitely looking promising regarding growth for Holder Finance.

We are very excited about it.

$HFI Round 3 has reached +45% sold-out progress in the first 90 minutes…

Take your chance to participate today. Only at https://holder.finance/

🤝Thank you

At Holder Finance, we are pleased about this amazing support. Our team is working 25 h out of 24 h daily to improve the product and the ecosystem we are building for you, Holders. We can say THANK YOU for this amazing community. 👍

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