All You Need to Know About $HFi Private Sale

Round #2 starting on Jan 2021, Wed 6th. Learn all the details here.

This is a great opportunity for investors looking for a project with an MVP and a well customized smart contract. We would like to thank our team, whose immense efforts have paid off and lead to this event., also known as HFI, is a project within the Ethereum network that aims to become the best store of value token benefiting from the growing ETH network advanced technology. HFI aims to be the first holders-centric project of the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem.

We are aware of numerous DeFi projects which showed promise initially but went nowhere after the completion of their seed/private sale or after being listed on CEX’s/DEX’s. In many cases, that put an end to the further development of the project, which meant huge losses for the investors who showed faith in such projects. Keeping such risks in mind, we are launching HFI’s ecosystem and its well thought out and desired products.

🤔What is Holder.Finance?

$HFI is a highly scarce, community-centric value retention token that resides on the Ethereum DeFi network.

A very limited total supply combined with all the potential of the Ethereum ecosystem. Moreover, current decentralized finance (DeFi) exposure in the market is beneficial for long-term players. The purpose of $HFi is to become a digital store of value, like digital gold, but introducing key advantages:

  • No mining costs

Furthermore, the fast transaction speed allows anyone worldwide to be part of the $HFi project and build their future wealth at their own pace. $HFi is initiated and developed with the community in mind and for the purpose of rewarding its members proportional to their commitment.

The longer you stake $HFi, the more rewards in $HFi you get.


Q4 ………………. Presale started

Jan ……………… Audit
Jan/Feb ………….HolderSwap Launch
Q1 ………………. Genesis Mining

To see a dynamic timeline and more information on the next steps, please, go to the Roadmap section on our website.

🔤HolderSwap (HolderLimit Protocol)

All of our private sale investors will be given bonuses in the Genesis Mining campaign. The private sale is designed with the aim of raising capital to promote the long-term viability of $HFi project. These funds are planned to be used for marketing, developments and operational costs of the project.

🤔What does $HFi’s Private Sale consist of?

There are four rounds in $HFi’s private sale. This will provide the early adopters/believers of the project an idea behind $HFi’s purpose and utility so as to enable them to extend their support for it. $HFi tokens will be available at cheapest prices before they get tradable after being listed on the DEX and CEX.

Round #1 of the ongoing presale by Holder.Finance ended last Dec 31 at 23:59 UTC with total minted HFI of 29.532376 of 30 HFI.

Moving on to Round 2, set to start Wednesday 6th 2021 at 09:00 UTC.

New to the crypto (DeFi) space?

Have a look at our quick guide to get set up to be able to participate in $HFi’s private sale: 🖊

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HolderFinance — A highly scarce, community-centric value retention token that resides on thecross-chain DeFi network